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Our world is characterized by emergent and unpredictable changes. Developing the capacity to adapt – both individually and collectively – is essential for our ability to thrive. Organizations, like any living organism, must learn to build the capacities required to effectively engage with a changing environment.  Those who have the capacity to adapt have the advantage:  they are the organizations who will create strategic, sustainable, systemic solutions.

My work is fundamentally rooted in my passion for social sustainability: how do organizations in all sectors ensure the long-term viability of the human systems on which they rely? I focus on organizational change, development & learning as a way to support organizational resiliency.


Why Atticus?

The name Atticus is a reference to the character Atticus Finch from the novel by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus, a lawyer, takes on a trial he knows he will lose because he chooses to act in accordance with his ethics.  Atticus’ integrity and moral character has always been an inspiration for me. I strive to treat my colleagues, clients and community with the same dignity and respect Atticus showed to his community.  To me, Atticus is a reminder to always do the right thing. 



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